Equi-Tree Horse Farm

"We came for one lesson and never left.  Riding has improved my confidence, concentration, balance, stamina, and overall well being.  Ingrid has been my inspiration and provided motivation from the start...Ingrid is an exceptional trainer, caregiver, and coach.  Honesty and integrity are the foundation of her program and she always keeps the best interest of the horse and rider in mind.  My daughter came to Ingrid a few years ago and is now an accomplished rider who is currently a member of Kent School's equestrian program, without a doubt due to Ingrid's guidance and dedication".

Jan Kennedy, Student, Equi-Tree Farm

Sly and Clyde, Jan and Gem


Hi, my name is Zack and I live on Equi-Tree Farm. I love it here with the fresh air, clean water, and all the hay I could eat all day. My every need is catered to. They think they’re training me, but I’ve got them really trained to take care of me! I get a blanket when it’s cold, and a fly sheet when it’s hot. The rent is really cheap compared to all the attention I get. I prefer the turnout instead of being cooped up in a stall all day. I am encouraged to run, buck, and play and act like a horse in my paddock without getting yelled at. That way, I can focus for my partner when I’m being ridden. And I’m turned out with my best buddies! But when it’s too cold or stormy I get to go in my nice big stall with lots of fluffy shavings and my own window! I prefer Equi-Tree Farm’s excellent care over a farm with a chandelier! Come and join me!

Zack, owned by Janet Forde